Everyone has sites they love to visit. Here I will provide a list of all of my favorite or frequently veiwed sites.


Akai Chou:
A Oekaki I help Mod.
An art site & program run and created by my host!
Waste Of Paint:
Another Oekaki I love to draw at.


A niftly little icon and cursor maker!


Adblock Plus:
Gets rid of any advertisement on any website. Fully customizable.
Better Gmail:
Lets you customized Gmail. Really nice.
Download Statusbar:
I love this add on. It is way better than that annoying download window that pops up.
Gmail Manager:
Just like the Notifier you can download from Gmail. Only better. This one even lets you chose which sound you want to use. Or no sound at all.
Amazing. It runs off of the Google translator. Translate any text just by highlighting it and right clicking. VERY useful.
IE Tab:
Allows you to switch your tab to IE. Basically IE in Firefox. Helpful for websites that do not work well with Fifefox.
Reload Tab On Double-Click :
Makes it easier then right clicking/reload tab. I am lazy.
New Tab Button on Tab Bar:
Puts a new tab button on your tab bar. This is so nice. There have been so many times I have accidentally closed a tab trying to open a new one.
Tab Scope:
Preveiw Tabs. It is really clean and nice.
Drop files into attachment boxes in Gmail instead of browsing for them or typing in the filename. So nice. Omg.
Show Picture:
It lets you select "Show Picture" as IE would so you dont have to reload the whole page if one image is broken.
FoxClocks :
Adds a clock in the status bar for other countries.
Live Journal Addons:
This is pretty neat. The only things I really use it for is expanding lj-cuts without clicking them and birthday reminders.
This add on is godsend. when I make layouts I am always needing to print screen and pade into paint. This is so helpful! It lets to mesure any webside in pixels.
For when IE Tab gets buggy. I use it for clubbox cause it doesnt seem to like IE Tab.
Session Manager :
Really nice. You can save your tabs for later, open accidentally closed tabs, etc.
Another nice tool for making layouts. lets you get the color of anything on a webpage.
Autofill Forms:
It is nice. And I do not beleive it is spyware.
Copy Plain Text:
Whenever I copy and pase into word it formats the text and it pisses me off. this will fix that, but still alow you to copy formatted text when you wish.Sadly It doesnt work for :(
This is so cool because there are so manything I do not know and don't bother learning because I am to lazy to google it.
SO. FUCKING. NICE. Pretty much it removes spam from google.
ErrorZilla Mod :
This is really cool. Its a more advanced "404" page. It gives you options like "try again" "way back" "google cache"
Extention List Dumper:
Nice for making a list. I did it the hard way though. haha.


Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter:
Convert Celcius to Fahrenheit, or the other way arround.
Duration calculator:
Ever wonder how many days you have known someone? This site can tell you down to the second.
Find Clubbox:
A really helpful site to find files on clubbox.