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Welcome to my tcg collective

Welcome one and all to the trading card game collective of Kriss! This is where you will find all of my trading card game card posts, weather it be on DreamWidth/LiveJournal or website based. If you are coming from a DreamWidth/LiveJournal trading card game, you can find my trade post over here!

I prefer to trade through forums, but if you cannot get the forums to work, or would rather email me, you can do so at krissasaur[at]gmail.com, You can also find me on discord or twitter.

I will still trade from hiatus and inactive trading card game's, so feel free to ask! Also, remember to put Kriss as your referral if you join one of these TCGs!

Trading Buddies

  • If you would like to be trading buddies, please fill out this.
  • I will try to save pulls if I know they are who you will be wanting.
  • I will always check your trading post first when doing my rounds.
  • I will ask you first if you need something from me.
  • I may just offer you a card from my keeping randomly if it's the last card you need..
  • You can ask me to hold things for you. (With in reason, of course.)


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