ᴛʀᴀᴅɪɴɢ ᴄᴀʀᴅ ɢᴀᴍᴇs 


Activity log

- Wishing Well: raccoon04, long02, lick09, gamer09
- Deck Release: potato01, [open], [open], [open], [open]

- Couple shopping: australia05, beat03, elle06
- Whoops!: gramps07, mf-girls03, 1 coin
- Friendly competition: eyesmile02, crazyface03, mf-ultimate10, 3 coins
- Wolf and beauty (Sekyung): corn06, commander05
- ay trip: mushroom04, perfectionist07, arabian01, dependable09
- Puppy problems: unicorn04, snarky10, pole09, 2 coins
- I'm not stupid!: glitter01, pianist05, gamer03, 2 coins
- Deck Release: tomboy01, choding02, elle05, alien07, psychologist01

- Learned: umma06, palmtree09, mf-mixer04
- Deck Release: racoon02, fire05, pm-henber09, grasshopper03
- Name dropper: panda09, americano08, mf-ultimate08
- Date night: aegyo01, pm-henber04
- Upcoming vote: eyesmile07, 3 coins
- Day trip: hapkido02, machine08, sushi08, baseball10
- Puppy problems: grown01, ears05, teaserrich06, 2 coins
- I'm not stupid!: baekgu01, robot02, leader01, 2 coins
- Wishing well: fashionista01, gamer03, mochi04

- Model search (1st puzzle): truth07, machine01, 1 coin
- Freebies: mochi03, llama10, twinkle09, pm-yulsic06
- Case of the cake: cheeky03, beat02, sketched09, aegyo06, mf-mixer06
- Starter pack double trouble: gamer10 for gamer07
- Name dropper: princess04, llama07, mf-boys02
- Never hurts: pianist02, queen02, mf-ultimate03
- Date night: redbull08, pm-yulsic09
- Couple shopping: sogogi04, leader06, mf-boys06
- Whoops!: smile07, pm-yulsic01
- Friendly competition: machine08, busan10, mf-ultimate08
- Wolf and beauty (success): sketched05, moon06, mf-girls04
- Upcoming vote: moon01, 3coins
- Day trip: deer01, elegant06, dragon10, oomph07
- Puppy problems: teaserrich06, dependable10, americano08, 2 coins
- I'm not stupid!: mushroom06, green04, frog05, 2 coins

- Starter Pack: gamer10, gamer10, fashionista03, fashionista10, unnie05, spunky06, mochi10, ears10, owl07, elegant04

Trading log

- Traded yunnasu: my pianist02 for leader07

- Traded yunnasu: my eyesmile02 for leader08

- Traded Helix: my gramps07 for raccoon05

- Traded Jihee: my crazyface03, unicorn04 for leader05, leader10

- Traded yunnasu: my snarky10 for fashionista04

- Traded Jihee: my deer01 for long07

- Traded Rinoa: my elle06 for horse02
- Traded Cassidy: my sogogi04,lick09 for fish06, horse01
- Traded Dhee: my arabian01, truth07 for long10, leader03
- Traded Cross: my alien07, potato01 for long04, horse10

- Traded Sarah: my elle05 for long01

- Traded Celinnie: my teaserrich06 for gamer06

- Traded Dhee: my choding02 for long03

- Traded Vaini: my baseball10 for fashionista05
- Traded Cross: my busan10,machine01 for mochi05,mochi07

- Traded Himeko: my dragon10 for mochi02

- Traded Dhee: my princess04 for mochi06 + mcs
- Traded Grace: my umma06 for leader02
- Traded Celinnie: my frog05 for fashionista06 + mcs
- Traded Sarah: my pm-henber04 for raccoon01, racoon03
- Traded Rinoa: my cheeky03, ears05, ears10, panda09, fire05, beat02 for fish05, fish08, leader09, raccoon06, raccoon10, llama04 + mcs
- Traded Sarah: my pm-henber09 for gamer08, fish07 + mcs

- [3] Traded Grace: my ears10, teaserrich06, princess04 for gamer04, mochi01, llama03 + mcs